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iG Deep Web

Turn big data into useful information

iG Deep Web provides continuous harvesting and analysis of open source information found in Social Media, Blogs, RSS feeds, and other areas of the surface web, as well as up to several layers of the Deep Web.

With iG Deep Web, the relevant  sources and keyword queries are defined with the assistance of the iG Global analysts, and you get alerts delivered directly to your email, or receive customized reports on a pre determined schedule.

iG Deep Web starts delivering your Deep Web results as soon as we set up the query. Real-time results can also be geo-located, letting you see exactly where they originated. Best of all, the information harvested is tagged and independently stored for fast and efficient interrogation and analysis against defined criteria.  We can archive and export harvested result sets including trends, keyword discovery, automated sentiment analysis & influence scoring.

 iG Deep Web can be used for many applications including security, competitive market intelligence, customer awareness, benchmarking, predictive action modeling, immediate customer and potential customer engagement.

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