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iG Monitor

Brand & Reputation Management

If someone criticizes or attacks your company, school, club, local celebrity or family through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media tools, that criticism can quickly go viral before anyone can be aware of the feedback. That is why social media automated monitoring is required.

iG Monitor  automatically hides inappropriate social media phrases and words, such as profanity, racism and sexist communication posted on social media pages.

iG Monitor  protects companies, schools, clubs, celebrities and individual personal reputations from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn public communication sabotage.

iG Monitor  provides social media content analytics recognizing the difference of an angry conversation such as a customer complaining versus more covert commercial public communication sabotage or cyber bullying. iG Monitor  has automated management tools that knows how to handle each communication, such as a complaint will automatically transferred into a complaints work-flow, while social communication that is considered as simply inappropriate such as cyber bullying will be hidden from your social media site.

iG Monitor  also controls and schedules outgoing social media posts, ensuring that any inappropriate employee, club, celebrity or personal communications are stopped from sending externally.

Automates Digital Information Capture, Control, Communication & Compliance

iG Monitor is a complete social media, email, SMS, images and other digital information messaging solution to enable automated capture, control, communication and compliance when adopting digital information. iG Monitor automatically analyses all inbound communication and takes specific actions on every inbound message, irrespective of where it came from.

All digital messages are automatically captured as received and stored in their original form within micro-seconds. Multiple social media and messaging feeds are captured, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, emails, SMS texts, Instagram and Google+

Once captured in the incoming message queue, their content is analyzed to enable correct routing and prioritization.

The routing of messages is key to ensure each is managed as quickly as possible. Routing is automated, as well as auto-responses that allow replies to be automatically sent back to the sender, e.g. to confirm the receipt of their message or acknowledge a specific type, such as an order or complaint.

Inbound messages can be routed to individuals, or sent to pre-set queues such as exception handling, workflow queues.

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