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iG Observer

iG Observer identifies social media threats and heads them off, reducing risks and preventing tragedy associated to cyber bullying and social predators.

Every day there are thousands of posts on social media sites that contain nasty messages called cyber bullying, which consist of threats and abusive communications.

It is vital that parents, schools and those working with our most vulnerable are immediately aware of cyber bullying risks, in order to protect children from harm, identify the bullies and take appropriate actions.

iG Observer is a real-time social media monitoring and analytics tool that highlights and escalates cyber bullying risks to the appropriate people.  It provides priority risk assessment and early warning signs regarding bullying, drug use, gang culture, health and other issues discussed via social media.

iG Observer provides real-time reporting to enable officials to deal with cyber related issues.

iG Observer takes into account the frequency and severity of posts and categorizes them based on content and risk levels.


All iG solutions are web based with easy to use and intuitive interfaces.

There are no IT requirements.


Full enterprise solutions are available, enabling our customers to manage all communications from the organization, including text, social media and email.

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