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iG Silos

Enterprise solution for managing big data
Your solution. Your database. Complete control of your big data.

iG Silos combines the continuous search and monitor capabilities of iG Monitor with the full in depth deep web harvesting and analysis of iG Search.  

The harvested information is tagged and stored in a rapid access “silo”, which can be interrogated at any time according to user defined search criteria.

The timing of the interval between harvesting events can be defined to meet the specific requirements of the user. Each harvesting event is separately stored for “what has changed” analysis.

Custom email alerts can be established for virtually real-time notification of search results filtered to the user specifications. 

iG Silos can be used for many applications including security, competitive market intelligence, customer awareness, benchmarking, and predictive action modeling.

The true value of our Silo Services, however, lies with our Deep Web Investigators. These are highly skilled content managers who will take the complexity out of your Deep Web research. Think of them as your personal guides to the Deep Web, discovering and harvesting the resources  that fill your Silo with relevant, timely content. Our Investigators will work hard to deliver the best results available, leaving you time to do what you do best: analyze and interpret the intelligence.

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