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The Creation of Actionable Intelligence

The technology employed by iG Global Intelligence enables the transformation of vast amounts of unstructured data into actionable Information that can benefit any organization.


Harvesting is the process whereby unformatted and unstructured information is collected from hundreds of thousands of web pages by directly querying the web according to pre-defined search criteria.  The resulting harvest represents a sub-set of the web containing information of interest mixed together with a large quantity of extraneous information.

Normalizing and Enrichment

The harvested data can exist in a variety of different formats, such as HTML, PDF and XLS, etc. The normalizing process extracts the relevant text from the harvest results and stores it in a uniform database. The normalized data is then enriched by adding metadata which assists in the eventual analysis of the data by inserting useful details concerning for example the content of the original document.


The final stage in the creation of actionable intelligence is the appropriate analysis of the normalized and enriched harvest results. The final stored harvest results are vendor agnostic permitting the application of such analytical tools such as Faceted Search, Topic Clustering, Semantic Categorization, Link Analysis and People Finding.

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